Lush vegetation, crystalline waters, golden twilights, temples overlooking the sea and volcanos surrounded by rice paddies combine to create one the most impressive landscapes in the world: Indonesia.

This vast archipelago comprising more than 17,500 islands with Jakarta as its capital city is the fourth most populous country in the world. It is composed of so many islands that their exact number is not accurately known.

Indonesia offers countless experiences filled with spirituality and ancestral rituals. Its time-honoured traditions and mix of religions give it an unmistakable mystical touch.

Borneo, Sumatra, Bali, Lombok and Sulawesi are the top destinations for travellers. Indonesia means wild life and exoticism in their purest form. Dense jungles, mighty rivers, protected areas, Lake Toba, Hindu and Buddhist temples, sacred mountains…they all come together to add to its spiritual personality.

The most stunning thing in this remote and exotic place in the world, however, is its friendly people, who wear an extremely honest smile that comes from within—a smile that opens a window into their souls.

This year at Asia Gardens we welcome the New Year with an honest smile and the hope you smile back to us.

We will bid farewell to the year in Indonesia, the hotel’s soul mate on the other side of the world.

Incredible Indonesia, so mythical, yet so real, is the inspiration for this magical night.

An Indonesian-style atmosphere will take you from our tropical gardens, infinity pools and palapas right to the heart and soul of Indonesia.

Join us to celebrate the last night of the year with a special programme. Sip on a welcome cocktail on arrival and say goodbye to the year with a Special New Year’s Eve Dinner featuring a stellar menu, live performances, open bar, and DJ.

Enjoy a Special New Year’s Day Brunch the next day.

Come to Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa and give 2019 a memorable send-off. An Asian-inspired luxury experience you will never forget.