June 2017

Desserts in Singapore

Today at the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we are getting lost through the Asian continent to enjoy the flavours of Singapore´s gastronomy. Can you imagine a better plan for today than discovering its most famous desserts and sweets?

Singapore´s idea of dessert differs from the classic one. They mix sweet and salty flavours, and they give importance to texture, including jelly, sago pearls or aloe vera on their recipes.

Cendol. It is a very popular dessert in Southeast Asia. Including just four ingredients, this dessert is an indescribable mix of flavours. It is made of palm sugar (Gula Melaka), coconut milk; green rice noodles perfumed with Pandan and crushed ice. Sometimes people add red beans, durian, herb jelly or sweet corn.

Coconut jam. Coconut is a very useful ingredient in Singapore´s recipes, and the star of this dessert, which in turn is part of other dishes such as Kaya Toast, which we´ll talk about right after. This is a very easy recipe. It is prepared with coconuts, sugar, water and salt.

Kaya Toast. It is considered the national breakfast dish in Singapor. Coming from China and with a sweet flavour, this is a sandwich prepared with kaya or coconut jam, glazed, coconut milk, eggs, pandan and butter or margarine. It is usually dipped into a mix of boiled eggs and soy sauce and served with Chinese tea.

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Kandawgyi Lake

At the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we are already enjoying to the fullest a luxury summer in Southeast Asia in the Mediterranean. Today we are travelling to Myanmar to cool ourselves off in the famous Kandawgyi Lake. Are you coming?

Kandawgyi Lake, literally “great royal lake”, is one of the two major lakes in Yangon. This artificial lake is one of the most beautiful ones in the area, ideal to get away from the routine of the biggest city of the country. It is considered one of the main tourist attractions in Southeast Asia.

Kandawgyi Nature Park, a zoo and Karaweik Hall are some of the wonders surrounding the lake. The famous Karaweik Hall has become one of Kandawgyi Lake´s symbols. This is a beautiful gold construction, which was built as a replica of the royal barges the ancient kings of Myanmar used to move through the rivers across the city. When the night goes down, the building is lighten up making a lovely postcard that attracts thousands of travellers to the area.

During the month of November, Kandawgyi Lake becomes the meeting point of Yangon. The lake is the scene of the annual traditional boat races, where teams from all over the country participate.

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Ratha Yatra

Today at the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we are welcoming summer by travelling to India to celebrate the famous Ratha Yatra festival.

Ratha Yatra, also known as Jagganath Festival, is one of the biggest Hindu festivals, which is held every year in June in Puri, in Odisha. It is the most important festival in Puri, which celebrates the arrival of Jagannath, one of the appearances of Krishna, at the Gundicha Temple.

 The deities at Gundicha Temple: Lord Jagannath, his brother Balabhadra and sister Subhadra, are moved in three thorough chariots across the streets of Puri, commemorating the annual trip of the three deities to their aunt´s temple, Gundicha Temple.

Lord Jagannath´s chariot is called Nandighosa. It is 14 metres high and has sixteen wheels. It is covered with a red and yellow fabric.

Balabhadra´s chariot, known as Taladhwaja, includes a palm tree on its flag. It is 13 metres and a half high and has fourteen wheels. It is covered with a red and blue fabric.

Subhadra´s chariot, which is called Dwarpadalana, is also 13 metres and a half high and has twelve wheels. It is covered with a red and black fabric.

During Ratha Yatra, devotees from all over the world travel to Puri to carry the chariots. The procession sings songs to the rhythm of drums and trumpets. People believe that contemplating Lord Jagannath or touching the chariots brings good luck for the rest of the year.

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Flowers and plants in Vietnam

Today at the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we say goodbye to spring travelling to Vietnam to discover some of its most famous flowers. Are you joining us?

 Lotus flower. It is an aquatic plant, which comes in different colours: blue, white, red or pink. It is Vietnam´s national flower. It is considered a symbol of simplicity, hospitality and purity. Its symbolism has reached architecture; we can findthis flower represented in the But Thap Temple in Bac Ninh Province, where it symbolizes salvation and illumination.

Ochna. It is also known as the Mickey Mouse plant. We can find it especially in NorthVietnam. It has bright yellow flowers, which turn bright red as the fruit develops. It symbolizes Spring Day in Southeast Vietnam. It is a very ornamental plant.

Red cotton tree. It is a deciduous tree and is native to India. However, currently it grows in all tropical and subtropical regions around the world. Its trunk is straight and thin, and its flowers have five bright red petals. Do Son District, in Hai Phong, has 10 red cotton trees, which are about 100-200 years old.

White lily. April is the time for harvesting white lilies in Hanoi. This flower is known ad the queen of flowers around the area. It only blossoms once a year, at the end of spring and at the beginning of summer.

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Shiatsu massage

Summer is approaching, and at the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we are getting ready to shine from the inside out. Today we are travelling from our Thai Spa to Asia to tell you about the Shiatsu massage. Do you want to find out more about it?

Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese technique, which is based on remove the blockages of our vital energy (qi) through applying pressure on our body with fingers and palms.

Shiatsu dates back to the early 20th century, specifically to 1912. Just as other Oriental techniques such as acupuncture, Shiatsu defends that people´s health depends on how their vital energy flows through their body. This process is developed by the meridian points. If applying pressure on these meridians with the palms and fingertips, mainly the thumbs, we will be able to redirect and improve the circulation of energy and then, our health.

Shiatsu is also related to other Oriental practices such as Tai Chi or yoga, since, it also searches for improving body posture as well as moving and breathing correctly.

Shiatsu has many benefits to the body: produces muscle relaxation, improves circulation, respiratory and digestive system, reduces stress, and the most important one, achieves perfect harmony between body, mind and spirit.

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Tinago Falls

The countdown to summer has already begun at the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa. Today we enjoy a refreshing trip to Tinago Falls in the Philippines. Are you coming?

Tinago Falls is a famous waterfall hidden in the Philippines´ jungle. It is located in Iligan City, known as “the City of Majestic Waterfalls; in the island of Mindanao. Surrounded by rocky cliffs and subtropical vegetation, it is one of the main tourist attractions in the area.

Tinago is a Filipino term meaning “hidden”; trekking to the falls requires approximately 500 descending steps called the winding staircase.

The falls is high, specifically 73 metres high. Its very cold waters cascade beautifully into a deep and calm basin, which looks like a natural pool and is known as “The Blue Lagoon”. These waters are popular due to its turquoise colour, which sometimes goes from an emerald tonality to a blue one.

Under the falls, there is a small cave where people can enter and listen to the magic sound of rumbling waters. This is an unforgettable experience for any visitor.

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Japanese home decor

As every week, at the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we keep discovering the wonders of Asia. Today we want to tell you about traditional Japanese home decor. If you want to find out more about this style, keep reading!

We could define Japanese home decor in three words: sobriety, simplicity and naturalness. Zen is the key of this type of home interiors; based on distributing the space in search of the perfect harmony.

Zen style supports pure lines and large and light spaces. Precisely, one of the main features of traditional Japanese home decor is minimalism.

Nature also plays a very important role. Natural materials such as glass, wood or stone, and synthetics such as cotton and linen are the most used ones. Among the most predominant colours we find white, light brown or grey. These are neutral tones, which inspire peace and harmony.

When it comes to furniture, this is usually low height furniture. Most of Japanese daily routines take place on the floor. Ornamental accessories must be a few ones. The most common ones are candles, ikebana, lanterns, Buddhist figures and water fountains.

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Kaeng Krachan

As every Tuesday, at the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we keep travelling around the Asian continent. Today we are taking you to Thailand to discover the amazing Kaeng Krachan National Park.

Kaeng Krachan is the largest national park in Thailand. Covering an area of about 3,000 km², specifically 2,915 km². It is located between Phetchaburi Province and Prachuap Khiri Khan Province. Precisely, the park owes much of its popularity to its location, close to the tourist town of Hua Hin.

The park was established in 1981, becoming the 28th national park of Thailand. Doubtlessly, it is an authentic paradise for wild nature lovers. The park includes caves, waterfalls, Phanoen Thung Mount, as wells as an important and varied fauna and flora.

Kaeng Krachan National Park contains a great biodiversity of tropical vegetation, including tropical and subtropical broad leaf tree species and palms. Besides, there are over 50 species of mammals, such as leopards, bears and elephants; and more than 400 bird species.

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The seven sacred rivers of India

Today we are welcoming June with a new trip to the Asian continent. We leave behind the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa to travel to India to discover its sacred rivers. Are you joining us?

Sapta sindhu are the seven rivers that are considered the most sacred ones in India. They have become very important pilgrimage points for people all over the world.

Water plays a very relevant role for Hinduism. Swimming in one of these rivers also has an important religious meaning. People believe bathing in one of the sacred rivers releases from any sin, as wells as removing people´s fear of death.

Currently, the seven rivers considered as sacred ones are: Ganges River, Yamuna River, Indus River, Saraswati River, Godavari River, Narmada River and Kaveri River.

Ganges River. This is the most sacred river out of the seven. People believe that any religious devotee who takes a bath in the Ganges River is forgiven of all his sins. There are hundred of temples along the river.

Yamuna River. Hindu mythology includes a special mention of this river. According to the legend, the source of Yamuna River is a glacial lake known as Saptarishi Kund, where there is a temple dedicated to the goddess Yamuna, sister of Yama, the god of death. That is why people who take a bath in the holy waters of the river get rid of the fear of death.

Indus River. This is one of the longest rivers in Asia, the most important one in Pakistan and one of the main Hindu ones. The river has played a very important role during the Classical Period. According to history, King Darius of Persia sent his subject Scylax of Caryanda to explore the in 510 BC. It took 30 months for Scylax and his sailors to go down the river until reaching the sea.

Saraswati River. Currently, this river does not have a complete physical existence; it is invisible. It is believed that it flows under the land surface. The area where it is located is considered a holy spot for Hindu people.

Godavari River. This is the second longest river in the country. Kumbh Mela festival, which is held in Nashik, is known as an important pilgrimage point in India due to the existence of the river. A bath in the holy water of Godavari River releases from any sin.

Narmada River. Narmada is a Sanskrit word, which means “One who arouses tender feelings in others”. According to the legend, Narmada descended from the sky at the request of Shiva. Hindu mythology says that the river can release any human soul from all his sins.

Kaveri River. This is a very sacred river in the south region. Shivasamudram falls, located in Karnataka, are one of the largest waterfalls in the country.

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