Kabuki theatre

June is one of our favourite months. There is little time left to welcome summer and at the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we are ready to enjoy it.

That´s why today we have decided to start the month travelling around the Asian continent to know more about its culture. We are taking you to Japan to tell you about Kabuki theatre, one of the most ancient passions of Japanese people.

Kabuki is a traditional Japanese form of theatre. It dates back to the Edo Period, in the 17th century. It was born as a mix of dance and drama and since then, it has been one of Japanese´s favourite forms of entertainment.

At first, women only performed it, but a few years’ later men were the only ones allowed to do it; performing them both genders. Male actors specialised on female roles are called onnagata. Kabuki plays are about important historical events and moral conflicts in relationships.

Kabuki theatre involves exaggerated gesticulation performed by the actors, eye-catching make-up, flashy costumes and the use of dynamic stage sets. The stage set is usually changed while the actors are performing in the middle of the scene. The ones in charge of moving the stage set are known as kuroko and they always wear a total black look. Kabuki also uses a hanamichi or flowerpath, a runway, which extends into the audience to make them feel part of the play.

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