Types of Japanese ramen

At the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we never get tired of discovering and trying new flavours of the Asian continent. Today we are travelling to Japan to find out more about the different types of ramen. Are you joining us?

Ramen is one of the most famous Japanese dishes. Each region prepares it and eats it in a different way, according to their preferences, traditions and the products their lands grow. These are the main types of ramen:

Hakata Ramen. This type of ramen is perfect for those who love the taste of thick soup. Its speciality is the soup, which is made with broken pork bones. The noodles used are thin and straight and it is usually seasoned with chashu, chives, pickled ginger, wood ear mushrooms and spicy mustard greens.

Kyoto Ramen. In Kyoto the ramen is prepared with chicken soup, thin noodles and it is seasoned with green onion and spicy beans pastry.

Tokyo Ramen. Also known as Shoyu ramen, this is the most popular ramen. This soup is lighter than the other ones. It is made from pork and chicken soup and seasoned with lost of soy sauce, roasted pork, chives, bamboo shoots and boiled egg.

Muroran Ramen. This Japanese region is known for its cold temperatures, making Muroran ramen a traditional recipe to warm up. The most popular ramen in Muroran is a spicy curry ramen seasoned with chashu, chives and mustard greens.

Sapporo Ramen. The city of Sappor is best known as the birthplace of miso. And precisely this is its main ingredient. Many people called it miso ramen. It is prepared with thick noodles, pork or fish, chicken and red miso. The key ingredient used to thicken the soup is walnut butter.

Tsukemen Ramen. This is a traditional Japanese summer dish. It is served in two different bowls: one for undressed noodles and another one for the soup. The noodles are dipped into the soup accompanying the rest of ingredients.

Shio Ramen. This is the most simple ramen recipe. It is very popular in Hokkaido. It is prepared with sea salt.

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