Flowers and plants in Vietnam

Today at the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we say goodbye to spring travelling to Vietnam to discover some of its most famous flowers. Are you joining us?

 Lotus flower. It is an aquatic plant, which comes in different colours: blue, white, red or pink. It is Vietnam´s national flower. It is considered a symbol of simplicity, hospitality and purity. Its symbolism has reached architecture; we can findthis flower represented in the But Thap Temple in Bac Ninh Province, where it symbolizes salvation and illumination.

Ochna. It is also known as the Mickey Mouse plant. We can find it especially in NorthVietnam. It has bright yellow flowers, which turn bright red as the fruit develops. It symbolizes Spring Day in Southeast Vietnam. It is a very ornamental plant.

Red cotton tree. It is a deciduous tree and is native to India. However, currently it grows in all tropical and subtropical regions around the world. Its trunk is straight and thin, and its flowers have five bright red petals. Do Son District, in Hai Phong, has 10 red cotton trees, which are about 100-200 years old.

White lily. April is the time for harvesting white lilies in Hanoi. This flower is known ad the queen of flowers around the area. It only blossoms once a year, at the end of spring and at the beginning of summer.

 If you are a nature lover, during your visit to the luxury hotel Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa, you can´t miss our Botanical Route, a guided walk through the dense tropical gardens blooming with flowers.