24 hours ZEN plan in paradise

 Finally in paradise and where to begin? There are multiple incredible choices and all of them very appealing. You have arrived in the right place to start a 360º Asian experience for relaxing and enjoying the essence of Asian luxury. We suggest you a plan to make the most out of your first 24 hours.



09:00 Relax from dawn. We start the day balancing body and mind with an outdoors yoga class surrounded by Asian vegetation and the babbling of the lakes of the hotel. An environment where to practice Yoga acquires an added dimension.




10:00 We boost our energy at the Udaipur buffet, where we enjoy a delicious breakfast with spectacular views of the tropical gardens from the terrace. The exquisite mix of Mediterranean with the original flavours of Asia makes this restaurant the perfect choice for a healthy family breakfast.

11:30 Although it is hard to leave the dreamy Udaipur terrace, after breakfast, we decide to explore the hotel through a tour around Asia Gardens´ icons. First, we go to the hall, where we can find the highest gazebo in Europe. We feel like we have travelled to asia due to its exquisite Oriental decorations, incense smells and relaxing Zen music. Here we find the famous wood fish, a Chinese kimono from Jin Dynasty, Vietnamese-style pai-pai ceiling fans and the elephant that yields to the incredible garden with over 300 Asian species. Outdoors, we discover the amazing Faces of Angkor and the iconic wood canoe by the Langkawi pool.

13:00 The spectacular Zen swimming pool is waiting for us before lunch. This family pool, heated to 29 degrees all year, lets us spend a wonderful time with the family. Its central Jacuzzi makes it another of Asia Gardens jewels. The wonderful views of the Mediterranean Sea cheer us up to order a refreshing appetiser on the deck chair.




14:30 It is time for the fist lunch at Asia Gardens and the Palapa restaurant is our choice. Booking a table at the terrace to enjoy the privileged views of the infinity-edge pools is a luxury we can´t let go. Here we leave aside the Asian spirit to enjoy one of the most representative Mediterranean dishes, a delicious Valencian-style paella.

15:30 There is nothing more appealing than resting in our beautiful Balinese-style room. We enjoy the exclusiveness that our Suite with a garden offers while the little ones play outdoors.

17:00 We have an appointment for the delicious tea tasting that takes place every day at this iconic time. It will give us the extra energy we need to enjoy the rest of the day. Before attending the afternoon tea, we take the kids to MINICLUB, where they will plant new Oriental vegetal species in the eco vegetable garden.

18:00 This is a must if you want to live Asia to the fullest. The traditional Thai massage is Asia Gardens´ identity mark. We book a 120 min. Nuad Thai that let us enjoy an unforgettable sensory experience. The melody, the smells and the pressures over our body take us to an unknown state of relaxation at sunset.




20:00 As good Asian food lovers, we take part in the Asian Cookshow, where we discover new flavours of the Oriental cuisine. One of the hotel’s chef will prepare, together with us, various speciality Asian dishes that we are sure we will prepare again in the future.

21:00 After the Asian Cookshow, we go for a marriage of sushi and the best European champagnes at the terrace of our Champagne Bar, the perfect temperature and a unique environment.

22:00 We hire the Mini-Dinner service for the children and we go to the In Black restaurant. It is consider the most exclusive restaurant at Asia Gardens and it doesn´t disappoint. We enjoy a delicious dinner in an intimate environment. Our choice for tonight is tuna fish tartar with citrus essence followed by boneless rack of lamb. It is mandatory saving room for dessert, the pineapple and fennel infusion with coconut sorbet is wonderful.

00:00 The rest of the world is already far away and we literally feel in Asia. Resting between 300 Egyptian thread count sheets is the closing we needed for an unforgettable day.