Today our we want to share a very special Indian tradition when celebrating a wedding: Mehandi.

Mehandi is the tradition consisting in Mehandi is the tradition consisting in decorating arms, feet and legs of the bride just before her marriage with henna.

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The indian culture likes not only celebrating every single special occasion but every visual thing, beauty and ornamentation; that is why the Mehandi ritual is still being celebrated in every wedding nowadays. Marriage for indian women is one of the most important thingss of her life as it´s the day they become mature.

Civil status of indian women is shown depending on the amount of jewells they wear: single women will hardly wear any while married women will be wearing lot more.

Mehandi is normally organized by the bride´s family and takes place in presence of friends and relatives. The ritual starts applying turmeric to the bride´s face, so as to her feet and hands. Only after applying this turmeric, henna can be used.

There are many different designs that can be drawn into the bride´s skin, each of them more striking than the other one and it is just one of the 16 ornaments called Solah Shringar, corresponding to the 16 moon phases, that every bride willing to be pretty on her wedding day has to show. Following the tradition, the darker the colour of the henna is, the more love the groom will profess to her future wife. You will also like the idea that the wife wont have to work at home duties until the whole design fades from her skin.

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