The first thing that will make you smile when you get to our five-star hotel will undoubtedly be the characteristic greet which we will welcome you with: the “WAI”.

The “Wai” is the typical Thai greeting which consists in bowing the head slightly as you put your hands together in pray-like format towards the chest.

 One of the possible origins of the “Wai” in which we will receive you in our luxurious resort will is actually very curious: apparently, the hand were raised to the chest level to demonstrate to the guest that the host was carrying no weapons.

Tradition states that is the way to “ask for permission” when entering a house. Likewise, tradition also states that once the visit is complete, one must ask for permission to leave and must repeat the “Wai”. We will be really glad to welcome you at Asia Gardens Hotel and we wont expect you to ask for permission to come back as we are sure that you will.


The gesture must be accompanied by the word “Sawasdee”, of Sanskrit origin, which basically means “wellbeing.” And that is exactly what we offer you at our Thai Spa: Oriental Wellness at the shores of the Mediterranean  Sea. A visit to our facilities will make you attain peace and harmony that only Asia Gardens can offer in our country.


Do you want us to join you while looking for this inner peace and harmony? ……..

We hope to welcome you at the Asia Gardens Hotel so we have the opportunity to pamper you and welcome your visit with the “Wai”.