As you already know, at Asia Gardens 5* Luxury Hotel we like to know everything about Asia, and today we are in a romantic mood. We want to tell you about a well known festival called “The 7 Sister’s Festival” or the “Chinese Valentine’s Day”.

The original name of the festival is “Qi Xi”, which means “seven” and “occidental” respectively. This is because the festival has been celebrated the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar for more than 1500 years.

Just like every tradition, this festival has a very curious story that, of course, is about love. The main characters of the story are Niulang, a young mule driver, and Zhinü, a fairy with six older sisters, all of them weavers. One morning, Zhinü and her sisters are bathing in the river when Niulang decides to steal their clothes. The sisters send the innocent Zhinü to get their clothes back, but Niulang is only willing to give them back if Zhinü accepts his marriage proposal, for he has fallen in love at first sight.

Times goes by and they are a happy marriage, until Zhinü’s mother finds out that her daughter stopped weaving and decides to separate them, letting them see each other once a year, the seventh day of the seventh month.

The festival remembers this young couple with incense, flowers, tea, fruit and an amazing embroidery contest, honouring like this Zhinü’s profession. The young single women make a great effort to show their abilities and find a husband. On the other hand, the couples that are waiting for their parent’s approval attend this festival with great hope.

The patios are decorated with flower rings and more offerings, such as cosmetic facial powder. When the offering ends, the young women throw half of the powder at the skies, while the other half is shared out to achieve Zhinü’s beauty.

As you can see, the Asian continent never stops surprising us with unique stories and legends. And we love to tell you all the details about them.

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