Many of you already know the Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa, a luxury resort and an Asian culture icon in the Spanish mainland. It is precisely about icons that we are going to talk about today in our blog, one of the main Asian ones, Fuji Mountain.

Fuji Mountain is the highest peak on the Honshu Island and the highest in Japan. It is 3,776 metres tall, and is located right on the west of Tokyo from where the mountain can be seen in the horizon on a clear day.

The mountain is a low risk active volcano; its latest eruption was in 1707 in the Edo period. It was back then when a new crater was formed, as well as a second peak called Hoeizan.

From ancient times, Fuji Mountain has been considered sacred. Women were not allowed to reach its summit, but this changed in the 19th Century when a woman dressed up as a man decided to break the rules.

Nowadays, everyone is allowed climb it and the mountain is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Japan, although it is recommended that you be in good shape as there are different trekking, hiking and mountaineering stages.

Many well-trained mountaineers prefer to go up at night in order to be able to watch the dawn from the summit. The magic of this mountain has been portrayed in Japanese literature and art since ancient times.

This year (2013), Fuji Mountain has been included in the list of Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, with the intention not only to highlight its natural and historic value but also to limit the access to tourists.

Another interesting feature of this mountain is its aquifer located 600 metres below the surface of the volcanic belt of Fuji in Japan, where the most select water in the world is extracted. The most pure Finé water has a high content of silicon and is low in minerals such as magnesium and calcium.

At the Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we make it easy for you to reach Asian culture without having to climb Fuji Mountain. In our resort, you can also enjoy beautiful dawns and sunsets, and the wonderful water of our exclusive swimming pools, 3 of them 30ºC hot all year round. We await your visit. Come and enjoy your own Asian experience.