We have already started the new year. 2014 has started strong and full of optimism at the Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa, and as we always do, we hope all your wishes come true.

There are many Asian symbols of good fortune, but the most significant one in India is the ELEPHANT.

The elephant plays a very important role in life in India as it is linked to the religion and cultural heritage of this fascinating country. The elephant is nowadays a worshipped animal.

In India live 60% of all wild elephants. When it comes to domestic animals, India is the country that has had the highest number of elephants taking part in everyday chores related to construction, transport and ceremonies.

Without a doubt, the elephant, called “Ganesh”, represents an important deity in Hindu religion, this name comes from “Gan + ish” which means “the god of guardians” and it is worshipped as god of good fortune and protection, opening the way and removing obstacles.

Ganesh has conquered the hearts of thousands of followers around the world. Hindu people make him offerings of “ladus”, which according to traditions is its favourite sweet, as well as flowers, incense and mantra “Shri Ganeshaya Namah” (reverence to the adored Ganesh).

The most popular festival led by elephants, is the Elephant Festival in Jaipur, with parades and goodwill messages, full of hope and colour, another symbol in Indian culture.

During the festival, elephants are painted with bright colours and people get dressed up and wear turbans to take part in a mass parade with music and dancers.

At the Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we don’t have domestic elephants, but we know that 2014 will be a year full of good luck and resolutions, and that is the reason why we would like to invite you to come to our luxury resort, a temple of relaxation where you will look after yourself.