Today, at the Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we would like to suggest a special destination for adventurous people and nature lovers. We are bringing you from the luxury of our resort in the Mediterranean, to Koh Rong, a natural paradise in Cambodia.

Koh Rong also known as Kaôh Rong, is the second largest island in Cambodia. It is located in the province of Koh Kong, 25 kilometres from the coast in the Gulf of Thailand. Currently, there are 4 small settlements living on the island: Koh Tuich, Dam Dkeuw, Prek Svay and Soksan.

This island is one of the few natural paradises that remain; it is ideal to go exploring and to relax in untouched nature. The island is known to be popular among ECO-friendly tourists.

Ecotourism respects the natural environment, the fauna and flora and the locals of the area. In order to do so, when visiting, tourists stay where locals live.

The small buildings in the area have been built using natural and eco-friendly materials, and there are also waste-management measures in place and environmentally-friendly energy production.

However, since 2008 this island has become so populated that it is no longer a deserted underdeveloped island, and has instead become popular through word of mouth, which brings along some consequences.

This island of fishermen, backpackers and environmentally friendly visitors, has become the set for the French Survivors-reality show-. Many bungalows and small hotels have been built, offering basic services and expanding the coast of the island to accommodate everyone in the programme, around 150 people.

For this reason, Koh Rong is currently only available for bookings when the crew is not filming, and they are trying to maintain their eco-friendly status as much as possible.

If you also wish to relax in this paradisiac oasis by the sea, come visit us at the Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa, a luxury resort in the Mediterranean where we offer you everything you need, whenever you need it, without the stress of TV filming crew around you. Come and enjoy an experience which is 100% Asian!