Today, at the Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa, we feel very spiritual, relaxed and refreshed after our Thai massage, and we are going to tell you about Tibetan Buddhism.

Tibetan Buddhism is Buddhism as we know it nowadays. It developed in the Himalayas and is also known as “tantric Buddhism”.

This type of Buddhism is followed by 6 % of Buddhists and is one of the most practised doctrines and one of the best known in the East.

There is a clear division within this religion, monks and laymen. Monks are relevant figures in public social life, they are highly respected people treated as “deities” because they are the closest ones to Buddha.

Many objects and charms are used in Tibetan Buddhism, generally bronze objects which are essential during religious ceremonies. They each have a specific function:

  • BELL OR GHANTA: Represents the symbol of male and female energy all at once.
  • VAJRA OR DORJE: the vajra represents a spiritual authority and it is called “cetro diamantino”.
  • DAGGER OR P’UR-BU: this object is used in tantric Buddhist rituals. In Tibet, its followers invoke demons and it can only be used by tantric priests.
  • PRAYER WHEEL: made out of different materials from wood or silver, to gold, jade or ivory. Manufacturing this beautiful object is almost a whole industry in itself for people in exile.
  • PRAYER BEADS: similar to rosary beads, made out of wooden pearls or semi-precious gemstones like coral or the turquoise. They are used to pray just like beads are used in the Christian religion.
  • CEREMONIAL BANNERS: these are very important objects in Tibet. They consist of long strips of thin fabric tied longwise to long sticks. These sticks are placed on the ceilings of homes, temples and any place sacred. It works similarly to the prayer wheel: with every movement of the fabric, there is a prayer sent to the gods.
  • CHARMS: are often worn around the neck to protect from evil. They represent different deities and are often figures carved on wood or metal, although there are also some made out of semi-precious gemstones.

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