Today, at the Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we are showing you the world of Thai theatre. Did you know that there are different types of drama dances? We are going to tell you all about them here.

In Thailand there are different types of drama dances:

  • “Khon” or Masked Dance: Was a result of the evolution of the shadow theatre. All dancers wear masks representing the main characters of the Ramayana: Ogres, monkeys, demons, Rama and Sidha, the heroin.
  • “Lakhon” or Danced Theatre: In ancient times this type of dance was only represented in the royal palace by women. There was another outdoor version of the dance, the “lakhon nok” that used to be danced anywhere, in front of an audience, and represented by mixed-sex performers.
  • “Likay” or Popular Theatre: Is the village version of danced theatre. The topics were about legends, feelings, everyday life, wars, etc. The spectacular costumes of the performers stand out.
  • “Nang Talung” or Shadow Theatre: It also represents the Ranayama. The characters are made of buffalo skin and stuck on bamboo sticks held by the performers over their heads. This type of dance has a strong Indonesian influence as it is their tradition to also use this type of puppets.
  • “Hun Krabok” or Puppet Theatre: These performances are a must in Thai festivals, in pagodas and weddings. They often tell epic stories about Thai mythology, and the puppets are held from the bottom with bamboo sticks.

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