There is an Asian religious belief that says that “in order to reach heaven you first must go through suffering”. At the Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we help our guests skip that unpleasant step, and we get them directly to heaven in our luxury resort in the Mediterranean.

However, today we are going to tell you about a temple in Asia which according to the architect who created it, Chalermchai Kositpipat, represents what he thinks of heaven, the Wat Rong Khun Temple.

A temple which is different from other temples in Thailand, it is white representing the purity of Buddhism, and it started being built in 1997 but is not finished yet. However, despite still being in construction, there is an area fully open to tourists who wish to visit this stunning temple.

In order to get in, you must pass by an artificial pond full of fish. Once you have crossed it, you will reach a bridge where you can see hands as if asking for help, which is the part that represents suffering, or the difficulties Buddha endured throughout his life.

Once we leave this dark but controversial part of the temple behind, we enter the main hall where we can see the largest pavilion and enjoy an astonishing piece of art.

The most impressive feature this temple offers, which is what amazes all visitors, is its interior. The decoration includes images of Spiderman, Converse trainers, and film and fiction characters. Although this feature seems a little out of place, this temple is extremely beautiful and will make an impression on you regardless.

The Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa, our luxury resort, will also make an impression on you. We offer you a wide range of Asian-related activities for your relaxation and wellbeing. Come visit us and live a true Asian experience with us!