Starting out the year we will talk to you about resolutions, dreams and wishes. From Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we show you a glimpse of how in Asia the most devout people worship their Gods to ask them for favors in love, luck, etc.

The “ema” wooden plaques are small wooden shingles where people write their prayers or wishes for the “kami” (Shinto gods) to answer them. They may be purchased in Shinto sanctuaries.

These plaques, as we have just said, are used to communicate our wishes to the “kamis” gods or spirits. For our wishes to come true, we must write what we want on one side of the plaque and hang it in the sanctuary, where it will later be burnt in order for our wish to reach the gods loud and clear.

The designs of the “ema” plaques vary depending on the sanctuary. The plaques often have animals on them, images related to the different seasons, or the city where they are, or sometimes other symbols related to the sanctuary. It is common to see plaques with the image of a horse (as horse “ema” means horse).

Among the most common wishes, there is good health, good fortune, good luck in business or a new venture, good luck in studies or love, a healthy pregnancy and delivery, although you may ask for whatever it is you wish.

We are sure that one of your wishes is to come to Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa… We would be delighted to receive you in our luxury mediterranean resort. We are waiting for you!