U Bein Bridge

Every trip has an obligatory stop everybody suggests you. If you visit the Mediterranean, that sop will doubtless be Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa. But if we go further, in particular to Myanmar, the obligatory stop will be U Bein Bridge.

U Bein Bridge crosses the Taungthaman Lake, near Amarapura, the ancient capital of Myanmar. It is the most ancient and longest teak bridge in the world. And it is also one of the most important tourist attractions in the country.

It features 1,086 teak pillars and it is 1,200 kilometres long. It was built in 1850 at the request of U Bein´s mayor. He decided to use the teak pillars of the abandoned royal palace of Inwa for its construction. Myanmar construction engineers used traditional methods of scaling and measuring to build U Bein Bridge. According to historic books about the bridge, Myanmar engineers made scale by counting the footsteps.

U Bein Bridge raises four metres over the lake. Through the years, some pillars have been replaced by cement piling to strengthen its structure. It is one of the main paths for local population.

The curve shape of the bridge allows it to resist the wind and gives it that twisting shape that characterizes it. U Bein is more than a wood bridge. Many people visit it to go for a walk, rest or enjoy the views. Monks usually go there to sit and rest in one of its rest areas and fishermen also go after the coveted tilapia fish, a very famous fish of the lake.

The best time to visit U Bein Bridge is either during sunrise or during twilight. The temperature is nicer and the light of the sky is perfect to appreciate the beauty of its bucolic landscape.

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