Japanese restaurants

If you like Asian food and you want to live a high-level gastronomic experience, at the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa, we offer you a wide variety of dishes and restaurants. However, today we focus on the different kinds of Japanese restaurants.

Most Japanese restaurants are specialised in a specific type of food. The kind of restaurant is indicated with Japanese signs outside. Each restaurant has its own recipes although it serves the same food as the others. All of them emphasize seasoning, quality and food presentation.

Almost all restaurants offer a lunch menu, known as teishoku, and a take away menu, called bento.

Which ones are the main Japanese food restaurants?

First, we have the restaurants specialize in sushi. There are two kinds of these ones: Shushi-ya and Kaiten-zushi. Kaiten-zushi resturants serve sushi on plates that sit on a rotating conveyor belt that runs by every table. The colour of each plate indicates the price.

Another one of the traditional Japanese restaurants is the Soba-ya, which specialises in two types of noodles: soba (thin noodles) and udon (thick noodles).

Ramen-ya restaurants serve another kind of noodles called ramen. It is a noodle soup dish that was originally imported from China. It is served with some appetizers.

Tonkatsu-ya offer, as it name says, tonkatsu. Tonkatsu is breaded and deep-fried pork, and it is served with shredded cabbage and other vegetables as an accompaniment.

Yakitori-ya restaurants serve yakitori, grilled chicken skewers with sauce.

Okonomiyaki-ya restaurants are one of the most famous ones. They specialise on okonomiyaki, which is worldwide known as the Japanese pizza. In some establishments customers are the ones who prepare their own okonomiyaki.

Tempura-ya restaurants are experts in tempura. Tempura are pieces of battered, deep fried vegetables and seafood.

At Sukiyaki-ya establishments, cooks cook the food on the customer´s table. They serve sukiyaki; a type of nabemono or Japanese stew. Sukiyuki is basically thinly sliced beef, cooked vegetables, tofu and different sauces.

And finally, we can find Kaiseki-ryōri restaurants, which are Japanese haute cuisine restaurants. They serve light recipes in small portions.

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