Beautiful Japanese flowers

Spring has arrived at the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa. We want to welcome it by travelling to Japan to discover the most beautiful Japanese flowers. Can you imagine a better plan for this Tuesday?

Flowers and plants are very important for Japanese culture. One of the main reasons Japanese people value flowers that much is because they believe every flower has its own meaning.

Let´s review some of the most famous and beautiful flowers in Japan:

Lotus flower. This flower has a special meaning for Japanese people. It symbolizes immortality and truth. They believe that if the plant this flower, it will bring them peace and serenity.

Camellia. This flower is known as the Japanese rose. It is one of the most beautiful Japanese flowers and also one of the most romantic ones. There are different varieties and colors.

Dog´s-tooth violet. Its name comes from its bulbs’ peculiar shape. They look like a dog´s teeth. These beautiful flowers grow between February and May.

Chrysanthemum. For Japanese people this flower symbolizes a long life. They are use as decoration for important events and celebrations. It is considered one of the most beautiful Japanese flowers due to its different sizes, shapes and colors.

Cherry blossom. Also known as sakura, this flower is a symbol of Japanese culture. There is a celebration for cherry blossom this is Hanami. During this day Japanese families and friends celebrate blossoming.

If you visit our 5 stars resort in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa, you can´t miss our Botanical Route. It will let you learn everything you need about our spectacular tropical gardens.