Filipino food

Today from the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we want to take you to the Philippines to enjoy its varied cuisine. Are you joining us on this trip?

 Filipino food, unlike the rest of Asian cuisines, does not use that much spices. Its mixture of flavours is due to the influence given by different cultures such as the Spanish one, the Chines one and the American one.

Among the most common ingredients of Filipino cuisine we find rice and fruit. The most famous fruits are: lanzones, mango, papaya, banana and rambutan. But, which ones are its traditional dishes?

Kare-kare. This stew of oxtail is made with a delicious sauce of crushed peanuts. It is served with vegetables. Sometimes the oxtail is replaced with goat or chicken. People usually eat it with bagoong (fermented fish). It is a traditional dish on Filipino celebration.

Sinigang. It is one of the most popular Filipino dishes. This is a sour soup, which uses tamarind as the main ingredient. It can be cooked with fish, meat or vegetables.

Adobo. Adobo with rice is the most traditional Filipino food. This is cooking meat (often chicken or pork) is seasoned with soy sauce, bay, pepper and vinegar.

Cassava cake. This is one of the most popular Filipino desserts. It is prepared with cassava root and coconut milk. This is a creamy and tasty dessert.

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