Traditional Chinese weddings

At the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we keep travelling around Asia to find out more about its traditions. Today we are taking you to China to tell you about its wedding traditions.

Chinese weddings are a millenary tradition. Chinese people give great importance to marriage. It supposes the union of two families forever.

In the past, a marriage was decided not by a young couple’s love, but by their parents’ desires and the couple wouldn´t see each other until the wedding day.

The colour red plays a vital role in Chinese weddings. Red is considered as a lucky colour. It symbolizes happiness, love, fidelity and prosperity; therefore, everything is in red. The bride wears a red wedding dress, a red veil and red shoes. Wedding invitations and decorations are also red.

Traditional Chinese wedding consists of different phases. Welcoming the bride to the wedding and performing the formal wedding ceremony is held on the same day. First, the bride leaves her house to go to the bridegroom’s one. She travels in a bridal sedan chair accompanied by a wedding procession. Family and friends follow the bridal sedan while playing different instruments. As soon as the bride arrives at the groom’s home, the groom throws rice at the bride and unveils her.

Once they are at the groom´s home, the couple performs formal bows at the family altar. They bow three times: the first bow to Heaven and Earth, the second bow to their parents and the third bow to each other.

After the bowing rituals, the couple would drink the nuptial cup of tea with their families and invite their relatives and friends to a wedding feast.

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