Indian women beauty secrets

At the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we like to pamper ourselves with the best Asian treatments. That´s why today we are travelling to India to tell you about the beauty rituals Indian women follow to look perfect.

These beauty tips come from health millenary rituals and natural secrets that have been transmitted from mothers to daughters for years.

Indian women keep a healthy and smooth skin using rich ingredients such as coconut, honey and oils. To moisturize their hands, they follow a very easy and effective beauty ritual; mix a tablespoon of honey with moisturizing lotion and the skin will get that velvety final touch we all look for. When it comes to facial treatments, they use a coconut facemask to nourish the face and neck.

If there is something famous about Indian women´s hair is how shiny it is. Here is the trick, coconut oil once a week will give you that extra shine. Also practicing inverted yoga poses to help blood circulate through hair follicles, improves the hair strength and natural beauty.

When it comes to grey hair, hear is the deal, Indian women mix a tablespoon of henna powder with their regular conditioner to cover their grey hair. It gives full coverture and lots of nutrients.

Besides all these rituals, to improve the in and out beauty Indian women also practice meditation, dancing or the ayurvedic diet. Are you in?

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