Yuyuan Garden

Can you imagine a better plan to enjoy this spring than walking around one of the Asian continent´s amazing gardens? Today from the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we want to take you to Shanghai to discover the wonderful Yuyuan Garden.

Yuyuan Garden is located in Shanghai, next to the famous Yuyuan Tourist Mart in the centre of Shanghai’s Old City. Declared a national monument in 1982, it is one of the most famous gardens in China.

It was built during the Ming Dynasty by Pan Yunduan. Its construction took 18 years, the garden wasn´t finished until 1577. Due to the damages caused by different wars through the years, Yuyuan Garden had to be restored several times. The last one was in 1961, when it was open back to public.

It occupies an area of 20,000 square meters and represents the traditional Chinese garden. These types of Chinese gardens are distinguished by having rockeries, ponds, incense burners, woods, bamboo, different types of sculptures and plants and flowers such as the famous chrysanthemums.

The main entrance of Yuyuan Garden is located in front of the beautiful building of Huxinting Tea House, which anciently was part of the garden. Among the main elements you will find when you get into Yuyuan are the FiveDragon wall and the Exquisite Jade Rock.

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