Burmese cuisine

If there is something from the Asian continent that has won us over is its varied cuisine. Today from the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we want to take you to Myanmar to taste its most famous dishes.

Myanmar food is not very known for many people. It is a fusion of Chinese, Indian and Thai cuisines. Rice and curry are two of its main ingredients, as well as native fish and vegetables and fruits. Most Burmese people are vegetarian.

Let´s discover which Burmese dishes you can´t miss:

Hingyo. It is a traditional Burmese soup. This is a vegetable clear soup. All Burmese dishes are served with soup. There is a famous sour variety called chinyei.

Ohn no khao swè. Also known as Burmese Chicken Coconut Noodle Soup. Noodles are another essential part of Burmese diet. This noodle recipe is prepared with cocnout, chicken, curry and plenty of spices.

Mohinga. It is considered the national dish of Myanmar. This noodle soup is often eaten as breakfast. This recipe is made from thin rice noodles served in a thick fish and shallot broth and supplemented with the crunchy pith of the banana tree, lemongrass, ginger and saffron.

Lahpet thoke. There are many different types of salads, but this is one of the most famous ones. Also called pickled tea leaf salad, is always served at Burmese celebrations or ceremonies. It is cooked with fermented tea leaves and a dressing made with fried garlic, sesame seeds, roasted peanuts, dried shrimp floss, chilli and lime.

 Sa-Nwin-Ma-Kin. This is Burmese classic dessert. It is a semolina cake prepared with sugar, eggs, butter and coconut.

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