Asian style home decor

In the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we are making the most of this holiday by travelling around the Asian continent. Today we are discovering you all the details about Asian style home decor. Are you coming with us?

Asian style home decor is a trend that little by little is becoming very popular worldwide.

If there is something that makes Oriental style deco so unique is the harmony, warmth and peace it transmits. Precisely, one of the keys of this calm it offers is the use of neutral tones to create the different environments of the house. Oriental style uses warm and soft colours. The main colour usually is white and beige as its complement. However, the use of other colours such as red or orange is becoming more frequent.

When it comes to fabrics, the use of natural fabrics is the most common one. One of the most used ones is wood, mainly beech wood. Furniture, both in the living room and the bedroom, are usually small furniture. Asian details are essential on the furniture, which are gold.

Additionally, people use many ornaments. Among the most used ones we find Asian-style paintings, small statues, Chinese lamps, candles, incense, cushions and bonsais.

But one of the most characteristic elements of this Asian style is the use of room dividers, specially Japanese dividers, which can be wood ones or paper ones.

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