Cambodian desserts

It´s already known that we can never reject Asian food at the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa. Mainly when it comes to sweets and desserts. That´s why today we want to take you to Cambodia to taste its most popular sweets. Are you joining us?

Cambodia has a great variety of sweet dishes. The main ingredients used are: glutinous rice, condensed milk, coconut, bananas, Durian (famous for its unpleasant smell), and longan.

However, Cambodian people don´t usually eat dessert after lunch, but throughout the day. Most lunch menus at Cambodian restaurants don´t include desserts.

Sankya lapov. Also known as lpov sangkya, it is a Cambodian dessert prepared with kabocha squash and coconut cream. The crème caramel fills the inside of the kabocha and besides; the whole piece of the fruit is served. This recipe is also popular in Thailand and Laos.

Sweet sticky rice with mango. This is one of the most traditional Cambodian desserts. Rice is an essential ingredient of Cambodians ´diet, and the main ingredient of this dish. It is a recipe made of cooked rice with sugar and coconut milk, which becomes very sticky. It is served in a bamboo cup with chopsticks. It makes a great breakfast or midday snack.

Pong Aime. These are sweet treats available at most food markets. It consists of a variety of sweetmeats served up with ice, condensed milk and sugar water.

Tuk-a-loc. This drink is a must for everyone visitin Cambodia. It is a drink blended with fruits, raw egg, sweet condensed milk and ice.

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