The seven sacred rivers of India

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Sapta sindhu are the seven rivers that are considered the most sacred ones in India. They have become very important pilgrimage points for people all over the world.

Water plays a very relevant role for Hinduism. Swimming in one of these rivers also has an important religious meaning. People believe bathing in one of the sacred rivers releases from any sin, as wells as removing people´s fear of death.

Currently, the seven rivers considered as sacred ones are: Ganges River, Yamuna River, Indus River, Saraswati River, Godavari River, Narmada River and Kaveri River.

Ganges River. This is the most sacred river out of the seven. People believe that any religious devotee who takes a bath in the Ganges River is forgiven of all his sins. There are hundred of temples along the river.

Yamuna River. Hindu mythology includes a special mention of this river. According to the legend, the source of Yamuna River is a glacial lake known as Saptarishi Kund, where there is a temple dedicated to the goddess Yamuna, sister of Yama, the god of death. That is why people who take a bath in the holy waters of the river get rid of the fear of death.

Indus River. This is one of the longest rivers in Asia, the most important one in Pakistan and one of the main Hindu ones. The river has played a very important role during the Classical Period. According to history, King Darius of Persia sent his subject Scylax of Caryanda to explore the in 510 BC. It took 30 months for Scylax and his sailors to go down the river until reaching the sea.

Saraswati River. Currently, this river does not have a complete physical existence; it is invisible. It is believed that it flows under the land surface. The area where it is located is considered a holy spot for Hindu people.

Godavari River. This is the second longest river in the country. Kumbh Mela festival, which is held in Nashik, is known as an important pilgrimage point in India due to the existence of the river. A bath in the holy water of Godavari River releases from any sin.

Narmada River. Narmada is a Sanskrit word, which means “One who arouses tender feelings in others”. According to the legend, Narmada descended from the sky at the request of Shiva. Hindu mythology says that the river can release any human soul from all his sins.

Kaveri River. This is a very sacred river in the south region. Shivasamudram falls, located in Karnataka, are one of the largest waterfalls in the country.

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