At the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we are making the most of this summer. As every Tuesday, we are travelling to Asia, in this case to Japan, to find out more about Ukai.

 Ukai or cormorant fishing is an ancient Japanese fishing technique, which dates back to the 5th century. It is practiced on the Nagara River, in Gifu, between May 11th and October 15th.

Cormorants are marine birds, very similar to pelicans. They are fish-eating birds, freshwater fish and saltwater fish. Ukai is based on cormorant breeding and training. Fishermen put a ring around the birds´ throats in order to restrict their ability to swallow the larger fish. Ukai always takes place at night and each boat a large fire that hangs from its bow to provide light. During the 158 days Ukai lasts, fishermen only rest on full moon nights or in heavy rain ones.

Ukai is a must-see show when it is contemplated with Mount Kinka and Gifu Castle lighten up as background.

Goryo Ukai or Imperial Cormorant Fishing takes place eight times each year. Foreign ambassadors resided in Japan and their spouses are invited to attend and being introduced to this traditional Japanese culture.

If you visit us this summer in our Asian paradise in the Mediterranean Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa, you will be able to enjoy seven spectacular Asian-style pools. It´s your choice!