Fussa Tanabata Matsuri

Many celebrations take place in the month of August. And at the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we always have many reasons to celebrate. That is why today we are travelling to Japan to commemorate Fussa Tanabata Matsuri.

August in Japan, as well as the month of July, is full of festivities and celebrations all over the country, due to the traditional Obon festival.

Fussa Tanabata Matsuri, also known as the Star Festival, is held every year the first weekend of August on the outskirts of Tokyo.

This event first took place in 1951 with the goal of promoting the commercial district, and currently it has already become a very important festival in Japan, with over 400,000 annual visitors.

During Tanabata, Japanese people write down their wishes on colourful rectangular pieces of paper called tanzaku and hang them on bamboo branches. These bamboo tree´s branches are usually thrown down the river or burnt so that their wishes come true.

Traditionally, tanzaku papers were 5 different colours, symbolizing the 5 nature elements (water, metals, wood, fire and earth): white, black, yellow, red and green. But currently, there is complete freedom of colours and shapes.

Fussa Tanabata Matsuri´s celebrations include, besides, mikoshi parade, traditional dances, the Tanabata Princess contest and Tanabata traditional decorations.

 Come celebrate August to our Asian paradise in the Mediterranean Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa. Unforgettable summer nights in a unique temperature and ambiance. Are you joining us?