Japanese desserts

As you already know, at the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa, we are Asian sweets lovers. That´s why today we want to take you to Japan, to discover some of its most popular desserts.

Wagashi are traditional Japanese confections. They are often served during the tea ceremony. They are mainly prepared with mochi (a sticky rice cake), anko (azuki bean paste) and fruit. Among the most famous ones we find:

Mochi. Most Japanese sweets come from this one. It is a sticky rice cake, which is pounded into paste and moulded into different shapes, usually a small ball. Its most famous versus is Daifuku, a rice cake with different fillings. The most typical Daifuku is the one stuffed with anko.

Dorayaki. It consists of two small round sponge caked stuffed with anko. They are very similar to pancakes. They can also be found stuffed with chestnuts, jam, chocolate or fruit. They are usually served with tea.

Dango. It is a cake very similar to mochi. They are small sticky rice flour balls skewed on a stick. There are many varieties of Dango since it is eaten year-round, as well as during specific festivities and events.

Yõkan. This is a thick jellied dessert made of anko, agar and sugar. There are two main types: neri yōkan and mizu yōkan. This last one contains more water (“Mizu” means “water”), that´s why it is often eaten in summer.

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