Kegon Waterfall

Today at the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we are saying goodbye to August, as we like, travelling through the Asian continent. We are taking you to Japan to cool ourselves off in the amazing Kegon Waterfall.

Kegon Waterfall is a huge permanent waterfall located at Lake Chuzenji (source of the Oshiri River), in Nikko National Park in the city of Nikko, two hours away from Tokyo. It is considered one of Japan´s three most beautiful falls, along with Nachi Waterfall and Fukuroda Waterfall.

The waterfall was created 20,000 years ago when Mount Nantai erupted and blocked Daiya River. About twelve smaller waterfalls are located behind and to the sides of Kegon Falls.

Kegon Waterfall is approximately 100 metres high and 37 metres wide. It has 4 waterfalls. Anciently, monks who visited it said that if you didn´t watch it during the four seasons, you haven´t actually watched the waterfall. It is known as the four waterfalls falls due to its features and its changeable look depending on the season.

Kegon Waterfall looks like white thread from the distance, but when you get close you can see its strength when hitting the ground. There is a lookout, located in the base of the waterfall, where people can contemplate a beautiful image of Kegon.

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