Today at the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we are travelling to Japan to celebrate the famous Keiro-No-Hi. Do you want to know what is it about? Keep reading…

Keiro-No-Hi, also known as Respect for the Aged Day, is celebrated every year to honour elderly people. It is a very important celebration for Japanese people. It is a national holiday, which is held on every September 15.

During this day, the country thanks them for their contributions to society. Young Japanese pay tribute to elderly people by cooking for them and paying the attention they deserve.

Although, nowadays, the whole country celebrates Keiro-No-Hi, it started as a local celebration in 1947 in a small town in Hyōgo. It first was called Toshiyori no Hi or Old Folk’s Day. Every September 15, people from this town honoured elderly people.

Over the years, the popularity of this celebration gained significance all over the country, until becoming in 1966 a national holiday. Since 2003, Keiro-No-Hi is held on the third Monday of September due to the Happy Monday System.

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