Buddha Purnima

A week full of celebrations is approaching, and at the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we are more than ready. Today we are travelling to India to commemorate the famous Buddah Parnima. Are you joining us?

Buddha Purnima, also known as Vesak, is the most important Buddhist celebration. It commemorates the three most significant events of Gautama Buddha´s life: its birth, enlightenment and death (nirvana).

The three of them took place during the month of Vesak (between April and May), on a full moon night. That´s why this festival is held. It coincides with the first full moon of those two months. On this occasion, it will be held next Sunday, on April 29th.

The main scene of this important celebration is the city of Bodh Gaya, located in the state of Bihar, India. It was there where Buddha achieved enlightenment. Thousands of people make a pilgrimage there and participate in prayers and processions led by the statue of Buddha.

Precisely, the statue of Buddha receives special attention in all the states and cities where Buddha Purnima takes place. The statue receives incense offerings, flowers, candles and fruits.

However, Buddha Purnima is not just about making offerings and celebrating; Buddha wanted believers to commemorate him by following his doctrine. On Buddha Purnima night , Buddha made a firm commitment: don´t leave his meditation until understand who he really was. He taught people that everybody has the energy and strength to achieve that state of joy.

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