Almost 100 years ago the Cartier family, like us today, was fascinated by the Oriental world: Persia and the Far East were two of the most influential areas and became one of the main themes of this exhibition of 400 pieces you should not miss.
It is from the fascination by the master watchmakers of those exquisite corners of the world that yielded the fascinating jewellery collection that until 17th February will be exhibited at the Thyssen Bornemisza.

Like when it came to designing our luxury hotel, Louis Cartier gathered ideas, keeping every little detail in mind and documenting to create a collection of jewellery and other objects that still today appear just as modern. Some of the pieces that you can see have been lent by the Spanish and the Monaco Royal Families.

As in our 5 star resort, where the traditional details of Asian cultures blend with modern and contemporary comforts, Louis Cartier knew perfectly how to engage small fragments of ancient art from Asia with more modern frames. The result is, no doubt, exquisite.

Through this exhibition we got to know a curious detail: the Indian maharajas used to order Jacques Cartier to create jewellery made from their own precious stones as they felt a great admiration for the jeweller style sold in Paris.

We wonder if the Maharajas would not be thrilled to visit our 5 star hotel where, like it was with them, we combine a large dose of Asian culture with a more European touch … a corner of Asia in the Mediterranean Sea.

But in this exhibition not only have we seen the influence of the east on the Cartier family, but also a very representative sample of family history over the 165 years tradition: from the time of Louis-François Cartier as an employee at a watchmaker workshop to his settlement in which up until today still remains the headquarters in Rue de la Paix 13, and which today is still the emblematic building of the Cartier House.


We recommend you not to miss this show of “The Art of Cartier“.