We have everything to take care of your wellness needs…

As you already know, the Barceló Asia Gardens has been awarded Best Spa Luxury Hotel in Europe, Conde Nast. Our Thai Spa provides a unique experience to help visitors reach not only balance but also physical and emotional wellbeing. The most commonly used term nowadays when we talk about the benefits of any Spa is WELLNESS. But WELLNESS is not a new word…..


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Already in 1950, Doctor Halbert L. Dunn used to use the phrase “high level wellness”; he was the father of alternative medicine and he was considered the “creator of the wellness movement”. Dunn wrote a book which, although at the time did not cause much of a stir, years later became the main read for people who stood by that new way of practising medicine. In this approach, the idea is for body and mind to reach a life of success: a more general and broad vision of wellbeing, not only taking care of the physical aspect but also the emotional balance. The idea is to reach full balance.

The first “wellness centre” was founded in 1975 by John Travis in California: the Wellness Resource Center. Fortunately, you won’t have to travel that far… in our luxury resort, on the shores of the Mediterranean, we have all you need to help you reach that perfect balance that will help you achieve the balance of your body and mind: our Thai Spa.

All our masseuses are trained in the Templo Wat Po de Bangkok and their mission is none but to bring back our physical bio-balance and release all tension from body and mind….

The term Wellness is also often described as “the conscious and constant way to live life to the fullest”….. that is the reason why you won’t be able to refuse any of the treatments we offer in our Thai Spa. Make the most of your stay in our five-star hotel and get back what daily routine takes away from your body and mind.

All treatment booths of our Spa are inspired by traditional-style facilities found in Malaysia: outdoors in nature…always surrounded by vegetation. The beds and tatamis on the ground are double, to help you share, if you wish to do so, this unique experience. Choose between our traditional Thai massage, Nuad Thai, or the aromatic Bali massage, among other services offered by us in our Thai Spa. As a matter of interest, although this won’t surprise those of you who have visited the country of the Nuad Thai, Thailand, all treatments start by your feet…

In the Asia Gardens we won’t only look after you physically by offering you a wide range of services, massage treatments and daily activities. In addition, we will also look after your diet, which is an essential part of your wellbeing, in any of our 7 restaurants, Wellness is based on a balanced and complete diet. Our cuisine will provide you with everything your body and mind might need in order to reach that sought-after balance.

We would not want to forget another essential feature when you come to visit us: your wellbeing and your rest… so after you come to see us and you enjoy our Thai Spa and the cuisine of our restaurants, we shall offer you our magnificent rooms where you can rest for as long as you wish…

It is plain to see that we can offer you all that is necessary, and even more, to help you achieve happiness and health at the luxury resort in Alicante.

Come in search of your wellbeing to the Asia Gardens, we look forward to seeing you….