The world of Bonsais has always appealed to us: the art of growing plants and trees pruning them and creating true beauties of nature to scale.

This is such an interesting and fascinating art, that when arranging the gardens of the Barceló Asia Gardens we decided to give one of them a leading role: the Asia Gardens Bonsai.

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This hundred-year-old specimen, located at the entrance of our magnificent gardens, was specifically brought from Japan. In our 5-star hotel, we decided that in order to provide it with better care it was necessary to have a specificcompany taking care of its needs, solely and exclusively.

However, when we mention our Giant Bonsai we do it from the European perspective of our tree. We should really refer to the “Ueki no Te Ire”, extremely beautiful trees, which are, as well as our Bonsais, handled and cared for by pruning methods trying to mirror the shapes of trees that can be found far away in the mountains of Japan. These “Giant Bonsais” can be mainly seen on the edges of summits and ravines, and are true living works of art. Isn’t this an extraordinary fact? The Japanese art of Giant Bonsais

Asian luxury at its highest… as you can see, we don’t lie when it comes to expressing how much we look after each and every detail.

Bonsai, is a Japanese word which means BON (Tray) + SAI (Nature)…meaning the art of growing trees and plants to scale; there are several types and different shapes.

However, this 2000-year-old art is originally from China and it represented ETERNITY. Our Giant Bonsai Asia Gardens will welcome you into our gardens, where you will be able to, and you will want to, lose yourself eternally.

It’s no wonder that growing bonsais used to be a task exclusively for the higher classes: only those who were able to keep their tree inside a pot were worthy of eternal life.

The most peculiar thing is that the aim was also to arrange the tree in a way in which it would remind us of those found at the top of mountains, showing different shapes due to the treacherous conditions they’re exposed to: wind, rain, cold, dry-land…..

You may be surprised to hear that in our country there are even those called “bonsai crêches” for extreme bonsai owners.

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In our luxury resort in Alicante, our Giant Bonsai will help you, without a doubt, to reach eternal life…a life of rest and balance.  We look forward to seeing you.