As you know if you have ever stayed with us, our luxury hotel, Asia Gardens, holds a very special relationship with the Asian continent: every corner in our hotel transports you to a different Asian place.

India is one of the most beautiful and unique spots in the world. Its unstoppable growth has, for many years now, brought about its own Hindi film industry. Their rich and diverse 200 tongues cohabiting in the same country have made cinema, and everything that surrounds it, the main national passtime for the citizens of India. The word Bollywood comes from a combination of Bombay and Hollywood, making reference to the former capital city of India and to the home of the famous American film industry. An interesting fact: North American productions are not very popular around here.

For Indian people, the film industry is a portrayal of their own lives and traditions, the characters play everyday stories that their society can identify with.

Boollywood’s favourite theme is musicals: traditional dancing and singing combined with eastern-style choreographies, accompanied by twisted dramas that end up in forbidden love and emotional plots. The storylines go from romance to loyalty, including other topics of everyday life in India.

The combination of all these factors in a movie, make this type of movie the perfect mix to get you hooked to these entertaining and far-fetched stories which the whole family can enjoy.

Another interesting fact about these movies, is that the characters generally don’t kiss on screen, an intense stare is enough to show their deep love for each other…This has a lot to do with the cultural traditions which are still deeply rooted.

Just like in Hollywood, Bollywood celebrities are all over the cover of magazines and the red carpets in India are the perfect catwalk for their love stories: everything revolves around this great star system. We couldn’t miss the mandatory annual awards to reward the industry: the Filmfare, equivalent to the American Oscar or our own Goya award, is the main event in Hindi cinema.

Currently, Hindi cinema is known internationally: Water, directed by Deepa Metha, is the fourth movie to be nominated as “best movie in a foreign language” in the Oscar.

Their celebrities go beyond Indian borders; it is not surprising to see Aishwarya Rai in the cover of Vogue or on a TV ad endorsing a brand of cosmetics popular in our country. Aishwarya is one of the most famous actresses and models in India also crowned Miss World in 1994 becoming famous worldwide.

Her recent wedding to the also Bollywood actor, Abhishek Bachchan, has everyone in a frenzy; the most important publications echo this event from the impressive Bollywwod.

From our 5-star resort, we encourage you to look up more information about this peculiar genre and we hope you have enjoyed this approach to Indian cinema as much as we do from our Asian paradise…