Today, from our 5-star luxury resort in the Mediterranean, we would like to tell you about a true gift of nature, bamboo. Its properties and benefits are limitless, and we are about to tell you about some of them….

The bamboo plant (Bambusa arundinacea) is a cane (gramineae).

Its name comes from India and there are 1300 different types, some species are more woody and herbaceous.

This plant is mainly found in tropical and subtropical climates, although sometimes it can live in areas where the temperatures are lower than 25Cº. This is why it can also be found in the wild, in the coldest areas of China.

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on Earth. Some types of bamboo are even 30 metres tall in two months, and 20 centimetres wide.

Would you like to know some more about this fantastic plant?

Bamboo has been used ever since the beginning of human life. It is extremely resistant and very light, so much so that in the East it has even been used to build bridges.

It is applied in more and more different ways every time, from manufacturing furniture, resin, vegetal carbon, paper and textile fibre, to making baskets and many other objects.

It also helps avoid desertification, as its roots prevent the rain from taking the earth away.

This plant is a true wonder with numerous healthy and culinary properties.

Did you know that?

This plant feeds humans as well as animals. Soft bamboo shoots have become quite popular in Chinese restaurants due to their filling quality. It is also a basic part of the diet of Panda bears and Asian bears.

The bamboo plant symbolises serenity, longevity, peace, humbleness, perseverance, determination and elegance. It therefore represents good omens. Its straight stem symbolises the determination of meditation, and the hollowness inside makes reference to open spirits.

In our luxury hotel & Thai Spa Asia Gardens, we are fond of the aesthetic and symbolic properties of the bamboo plant, and our hotel would not be complete if we did not offer this side of Asia by displaying different types of bamboo around our tropical gardens.

Come to our Asian corner in the Mediterranean, there is nothing Asian we do not have here.

We look forward to seeing you