Today, at the Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa, we invite you to go a magic enchanted forest, the Shilin Stone Forest.

This amazing place is located in the Yunnan province (China); it is quite unique as it is formed by high rocks that go up all the way from the ground, in the shape of stalagmites or petrified trees in a still forest.

The Shilin Stone Forest is believed to be 270 million years old, its stones are known as “Karst” and are formed by other rocks being disintegrated on the surface of the earth thanks to the effect of the water, the sun and the wind combined with passing time.

It covers a-350 km2 area and it was declared Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2007. It has been divided in seven different areas:


1. Major and Minor Stone Forests.

2. Naigu Stone Forest.

3. Long Lake.

4. Moon Lake.

5. Zhiyun Cave.

6. Dadie Waterfall.

7. Qifeng Cave.


In this magic stone forest there are walks, paths, underground rivers, caves, passages and bridges, which make the journey even more beautiful due to its hidden paths and labyrinths.

The Shilin Stone Forest also tells a famous love story.

Legend has it that the most beautiful girl of the “Yi” tribe fell madly in love with a young man. She was not allowed to marry him because she was engaged to someone else she didn’t love, and she preferred to live a loveless life and turn to stone in the forest where she fell in love.

The stone represents the Yi girl and it is named after her, “Ashima”. Every year, on the 24th day of the sixth lunar month, the Torch Festival is celebrated with folk dancing and competitions.

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