Do you like exotic dishes, Asian spices and tasty food? At the Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa you will enjoy all of it, and more, at the restaurants in our Asian luxury resort. Today we are going to talk about curry, one of the most popular Asian spices.

The word CURRY comes from the word “kari”, meaning “sauce” in Tamil, in the language of one of the ethnic groups in the south of India, who use spices in abundance as well as strong and slightly spicy flavours.

Curry is not a spice, it consists of several spices combined and used in Asian cuisine. There are three types of curry:

– Yellow curry: The most common one. It’s yellow due to its high content of turmeric, and it is often the sweetest one.

– Red and green curry: These types are somewhat spicier as they contain green or red chilli. Red curry is normally used to spice up meat, chicken, seafood, soya cheese, noodles or vegetables; and green curry is normally eaten with meat, seafood and noodles, and the dishes that include it are generally milder than those with red curry.

There are also different types in different countries:

– “Madras” or curry powder in India: This type is quite common, and it consists of a mix of curry leaves, cumin, clove, turmeric, coriander, basil leaves, black pepper and fenugreek.

– Malaysian curry: It’s different to any other type of curry as it contains tamarind, basil leaves and lemon herbs to add flavour to it, as well as other common spices.

Coconut milk is often added to it in order to make it milder, which gives it a different touch.

– Chinese curry: This type of curry is very similar to the one in India, although this one has olive oil, garlic, paprika, chilli powder and ginger. This type is used to spice up chicken, prawns and pork. It is also used in vegetarian dishes.

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