The luxury offered by us at the Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa, and the strict protocol we follow to offer our guests a peaceful stay is what makes us stand out. It is precisely in the Asian continent where such protocol is most appreciated, and that is why it is essential to become familiar with it beforehand in order to avoid misunderstandings or making mistakes:

You should not address people by their first name unless you are told to do so by them. You should use the title “Mr or Mrs”.

  • In Japan, it is common to add “san” to a person’s surname, but not when talking about a third person.
  • In Thailand they use the word “khun” instead of “Mr”.

– When shaking hands use both hands.

– Punctuality is a must, as it is a sign of respect. If you are attending several meetings on the same day, it is advisable to leave early as you must take into account frequent traffic jams in Asian countries such as India and the Philippines.

– When greeting someone in Asia, the western handshake is becoming popular and it is used as well as their own traditions. You must therefore shake hands but also bow as a sign of respect.

  •  It is important to remember that Muslim women cannot shake hands with a man.

– Never speak to anyone with your hands in your pockets and avoid being overly expressive, avoid pointing especially.

– In Asia,  the “OK”, very typically used in the west, means money, which makes it inappropriate to be used in public.

– Body language is very important. Buddhists consider feet offensive, which is why when sitting and crossing your legs you must try to prevent your feet from facing someone directly.

– Touching someone’s head is seen as disrespectful, especially in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

These are some of the basic protocol rules to follow in Asia, probably the most strict ones although there are some others that apply to each country… At the Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa our protocol always consists of the wellbeing of our guests and the unbeatable service we offer. If you wish to come to relax and enjoy the summer, come and visit us to live a luxury Asian experience.