If you are fond of Asian food, and you wish to live and experience which is fully focused on high standard cuisine, at the Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we offer you a wide range of dishes and restaurants to choose from. These are some traditional Asian dishes you should try…

1. SUSHI (Japan): this is the most popular Japanese dish, also among Japanese people themselves. It is generally eaten in special occasions and celebrations. Sushi has however made its way to many other countries which have, in turn, adapted the recipes to suit its people’s preferences.

Sushi is a combination of ingredients and shapes, using mainly rice, fish and vegetables. There are different types of sushi: “Maki”, “Roll”, “Nigiri”, “Temaki” and “Sashimi”.

2. KAY CHUP YUE (China): fish in sweet and sour sauce. This is the most typical dish in this part of the world. Cantonese food is the most varied and innovative of all the different types of food in China, mainly known for its fish and seafood-based dishes, its textures, scent, colours, and the range of desserts, a combination of sweet and sour served in steamers and eaten any time of the day, with green tea.

3. TOM YAM KUNG (Thailand): the Tom Yam soup is one of the most popular dishes in Thai cuisine. It consists of spices and prawns, wild mushrooms, chilli peppers and fresh herbs.
In Thailand, soup is not served as a starter but together with the rest of the dishes, and often with rice.

4. KOMBDI VADI (India): this is the traditional curry chicken served with bread. This is not a vegetarian dish, and it is normally eaten any time of the year all over India.

5: HUMMUS (Lebanon): a chickpea paste with lemon juice, a spread called “tahina” (sesame seed spread) and olive oil. It may also contain other ingredients. This dish is very popular throughout the Middle East.

6: KARE KARE (The Philippines): is a stew from the Philippines which consists of peanuts, vegetables, ox tail, and sometimes guts. Goats meat can also be one of the ingredients or sometimes, but rarely, chicken. It is often served with “bagoong”, a prawn condiment, sometimes with chilli and “calamondin” juice. It is traditionally cooked during national festivities.

If you are fond of exotic food or you wish to try some for the first time, at the Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we offer a range of dishes brought straight from Asia to your delight, and to make you feel as if you were in Asia.

Come and enjoy Asian cuisine at our exquisite restaurants!