We have talked at large about Asian food at the Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa, however, there is a drink that is very popular in Asia and is drunk in winter and summer, rain or shine, this drink is tea.

Traditionally, it is said that all types of tea come from China, as the origin of tea is thought to date back 5,000. The Japanese however, do not fully accept that theory, and think that tea was brought from India to China in the year 520.

There are different types of Chinese tea, the following are the most popular ones:

BLACK TEA: This type of tea is the one with the highest content of theine and often has a strong taste. It is believed to be the best type to add milk and sugar to.

Different types:

  • Keemu black tea, sweet and fruity.
  • Lapsang Souchong black tea, with a strong smoky flavour.

– GREEN TEA: China is the main green tea manufacturer and this is also the most natural type of tea. It is proven to help prevent cardiovascular diseases, obesity, cancer and diabetes when drunk regularly.

Different types:

  • White tea, despite its name, this tea is within the green tea category, and its seed is white and delicate.
  • Gunpowder Chinese tea, was one of the first teas exported to Europe at the beginning of the 17th Century. Its name comes from its appearance, it looks like gunpowder.
  • Dragon’s Well or Lung Ching, is one of the most popular teas in China, it’s soft and has a refined scent.

– RED TEA OR PU ERH: The fermentation process of this type of tea is the most complex of them all. There are even different vintages like there is with wine, and it can sometimes be kept for 60 years in oak barrels.

Different types:

  • Pu Erh green tea or Sheng tea, naturally fermented for several years.
  • Shou Pu Erh, its process is faster in order to be used without having to be kept for too long.

– BLUE TEA OR OOLONG: Oolong means “dead dragon”, and it is also known as “black snake”. Legend has it that there was a sighting of a snake in a tea plantation and the owner of the plantation fled full of fear. When he returned, his tea was more aromatic due to the exposure of the tea leaves to the sun.

Different types:

  • Oolong Pouchong tea, flowery and aromatic.
  • Zhen Cha Oolong tea, darker and more flowery.
  • Oolong Thi Guin tea, its scent is similar to the scent of orchids, it is very popular especially in the Fujian province.

If you wish to sample some of these exotic drinks, at the Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we offer a wide range of teas. Come to enjoy Asian flavours in the best luxury resort in the Mediterranean!