One of the main things that make us stand out at the Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa, is the fact that our luxury resort in the Mediterranean imitates Asian designs, inside and out. We are going to show you the inside of Japanese homes.

Traditional homes in Japan have a unique structure as their design is based on constant balance with the universe (Feng-Shui), an essential dogma in everything Japanese.

The colours black and white are the main colours in Asian decoration and they are used to define distinctive shapes and create a geometric and structural geometry. In addition, the materials used and finishing touches contrast with textures in order to reach balance and order. The symbol of the “Yin and Yang” clearly represents this idea.

Almost all traditional building materials in Japan are eco-friendly:

– Wood, commonly taken from perennial trees such as the pine tree, the cedar, the fir and cypress trees.

– Paper, taken from mulberry trees, is traditionally used to make “shoji paper” to build the moving walls of traditional homes.

– The use of Bamboo adds structural and decorative integrity and they weave tatami.

– The stone makes a traditional base for Japanese homes, mainly used in modern buildings.

Proportion and hierarchy are of great significance when designing a traditional Japanese home. Tatamis are designed to be approximately as tall as a person. When designing homes, the first thing to do is to establish the total number of tatamis that will be necessary.

When designing the inside of Japanese-style homes, no sumptuous details are necessary, the decoration of all the rooms is basic. The tatamis on floors and mats are used to sit on and sleep. This is a living room and place to socialise.

Low and small tables are a main feature of these homes, but secondary in relation to the floor.

Something called “Shoji screens” can also be used on windows and to divide spaces and add privacy to the different rooms.  They are very fragile, so they must be handled carefully. They are often made of white paper so the light comes in, which is essential in Feng-Shui.

If you also wish to be in balance with the universe, come and visit us at the Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa and enjoy a true Asian experience in the best luxury resort in the Mediterranean. You will feel the effects of our Feng-Shui.