One of the things that stand out in Asia is the general longevity of the Asian population. At the Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we wonder what their secret is.

Statistics say that, more specifically Okinawa is the region in Japan with the highest number of elderly inhabitants over 100 years old. Many of us wonder what lies behind this; health and wellbeing seem to prevail.

Their secret…

Locals say that they owe their longevity to their tropical climate as well as the local cuisine.

Although we cannot bring their climate over to you, we can work out what kind of dishes they prepare and which ingredients are the most commonly used in their cuisine.

Ryukyu cuisine, combines recipes from Japan and China and is the result of those culinary arts taking the best from both of them and using tropical elements as star ingredients.

These are some of their main dishes:

  • “Champuru”, a Little lighter than the previous dish, consists of a combination of fried vegetables mixed with a thick and nutritional stew, including: pumpkin, bitter melon and wheat noodles (thinner and fewer noodles).
  • “Tempura”, typically used in Okinawa, is a little thicker than what we are used to, but it is highly recommended.
  • Pork is the main source of protein in most local dishes. There is an Asian version of what we know as black pudding, called “chii-irichii” made with fried blood and vegetables.
  • “Nakami” is a very popular pork soup, often used to treat colds and flus and other illnesses. It is very energetic.
  • Fish is also one of their main food products. These are some of the main fish dishes:
  1. “Irabucha”, a parrot fish recipe.
  2. “Mibai” a grouper dish.
  3. High quality “Sushi” and “Sashimi”.
  • “Toofuyo” is a very special delicatessen: a type of blue cheese made from fermented tofu often served with rice liquor called “Awamori”.

Secrets that will help you live longer and details about Asian cuisine. What else could you ask for? At the Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we also offer you peace for you body and mind. An unforgettable luxury stay in the Mediterranean…