At the Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we love to look after the wellbeing of our guests, which is why, at our luxury resort in the Mediterranean, we have several restaurants where you can enjoy Asian cuisine.

That is why we would like to dedicate a whole section to talk about the most exotic and dangerous fish in the world, a delicacy in Asia, the FUGU or puffer fish.

The fugu is a Japanese dish made from puffer fish, a fatally poisonous fish due to its toxins, which is why it must be carefully cooked.

Eating this fish is so dangerous that only some expert chefs who have undergone a prior 3-year training, can cook or serve it, as it is essential that its toxic parts don’t contaminate the rest of the fish. Only 35% of the candidates pass the final exam.

Fortunately, in Japan a lot of care is put into this technique, and it has been so for many years. Currently, it is fully regulated from the beginning of the process, permits are given only to experts, and it is prepared in authorised restaurants where they make sure that all toxic waste is duly disposed of in special containers allocated to each of the restaurants.

The largest fugu wholesaler in Japan is in Shimonoseki, where there are plenty of specialised restaurants that serve dishes prepared with different parts of this fish.

If you prefer not to take risks when it comes to what you eat, and you’d rather enjoy the experience, in our restaurants at the Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa you will find all kinds of safe and traditional Asian delicacies.

Would you like to come and try them all?