If there is something we like at the Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa, that is Asian traditions; and although we are far away from that continent, from our blog we try to make you feel closer to it. Today, we are going to tell about the Masskara Festival.

This festival is held annually in Bacolod, in the Philippines, on the third weekend of October. It is known for being the liveliest festival in the country. It is true that during the festival the natural and friendly character of the locals is plain to see.

The word “Masskara” is a combination of “crowd” (a crowd of people), and “kara” (face), making up the word Masskara, “crowd of faces or masks”, because at the festival people wear smiley masks.

The Masskara Festival it consists of a dance competition held on the streets where masked and colourful dancers happily move to the rhythm of music, showing coordination and resistance.

Another one of the main activities is a beauty pageant called “MassKara Queen”, along with carnivals, competitions and raffles, cooking contests, sport events, concerts, agricultural and trade fairs, gardening programmes and other special events.

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