If there is something that makes us stand out at the Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa is that not only you can enjoy a true Asian experience here without leaving Spain, but you can also make the most of the weather and the Mediterranean Sea.

However, today we are going to bring you from the blue Mediterranean Sea to a yellow sea in China. We are talking about the fields of Lougpin, a county east of Yunnan where there are thousands of hectares of yellow flowers called “colza”, a true pleasure for the eyes.

The “colza” or “Brassica Napus” (its name in Latin) is a bright yellow flower with different uses and properties: it is often used as oil.

Crop fields look golden because of these yellow flowers and they go as far as the eye can see in the horizon. The best time of the year to visit Luoping and enjoy this feast for the eyes is February and March, as it is over before June.

Besides photographers, the flourishing of the flowers of Luoping and the refreshing scent of the spring draw the bees to them, and that is why is also the centre of bee hives and honey products. That is why most crops consist of bee hives in the spring and this can bother some tourists.

If you wish to enjoy the scents of spring and witness another beautiful Asian sight, we invite you to come to the Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa, a luxury resort where all our plants and flowers are brought straight from Asia. Are you going to miss out on it?