Besides the Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa do you know any other relaxation paradise?

Today we are bringing you to Namtok, where thermal waters and waterfalls speak for themselves.

Their thermal waters and streams turn into beautiful warm water waterfalls at a temperature of 40 to 50 degrees Celsius.

There are two types of thermal waters depending on their geological origin, magmatic and telluric waters. The type of land where they are is one of the main differences; magmatic waters appear in edgy or eruptive land, whereas telluric waters could be anywhere.

An important feature of thermal waters is that they are ionised. There are two types of ions, positive and negative. Strangely enough, the positive ones are not beneficial to the human body, they are in fact irritants. On the other hand, negative ions have the capacity to help relax. Thermal waters are loaded with negative ions.

In Namtok, the “Ron Khlong Thom Hot Waterfall”, is located very near the Emerald Pool, in a dark forest area with plenty of thermal fountains. It is a pleasure to be able to relax in this natural water, and that is why many tourists consider this visit a must during their trip.

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