Taung Kalat Monastery

If there is something we like at Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa is discovering new Asian spots. Today we have climbed the Mount Popa in Myanmar to see the famous monastery this volcano hides on the top: Taung Kalat Monastery.

Taung Kalat Monastery is located at the summit of Mount Popa, an ancient volcano in central Myanmar.

Its incredible location is one of its main attractions. It is a Buddhist pilgrimage site, where monks, the powerful Nats and many macaques live.

Buddhists worship the Taung Kalat as a sacred mountain. According to tradition, 37 Nats or spirits live in the monastery. In the past, Burmese kings visited Taung Kalat to ask Nats for advice in relation to important issues. Currently, Nats worship is very important for Burmese families.

Mount Popa has many beautiful colour flowers. That is why Burmese people also called it the Mount Olympus of Burma. In Burmese, “popa” means flower.

To access Taung Kalat Monastery people have to go up 777 steps. It is a pilgrimage site during Nayon and Nadaw, the full moon of summer and winter solstice.

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